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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nani Oil

Oh man. This weather has been drying my skin out! My face is trying to hold onto it's normal balance, but it is losing moisture quickly as the sun works it's way back into our daily lives. The gusts of wind have been blowing everything around, including dirt and mold, dust, and pollution. My skin is receiving a beating as this season is changing.

I have recently been making cold pressed oil combinations.. or beauty oils. I use them in place of my cleanser and in addition to my moisturizer. They have been saving my skin from drying out. Using oil regularly in my daily routine has noticeably improved the elasticity and resiliency of my skin. I found that these oils have been very helpful to my skin in battling these elemental changes.
Making Nani Oils

I named these oils "Nani Oils" because Nani means beauty or splendor. Nani Oil is made of  natural ingredients...Just cold pressed oils and natural fragrance. Using Nani Oil will result in a natural radiance that you will be proud to show off.

Cold pressed oils are basically unrefined oils that have been (the parent seed, nut, or grain) pressed at very low temperatures. The extreme pressure that is applied to the mixture pushes out the vitamin rich oils. The oil maintains it's superior quality and is not compromised by applying extreme temperatures to the process.
Nani Oils are unique because they contain 6 different cold pressed oils including Kukui and Coconut.

 Nani Oil penetrates deep past the pores and into the dermis and improve the condition of your skin on a cellular level. Being natural oils, these formulations can support the skin's natural healing process. Your skin actually eats the antioxidants and vitamins and uses them to battle everyday radicals, sun, wind, temperature changes, and pollution that can lead to acne and premature aging of the cells.

You are also able to use this oil as a cleanser. Like attracts like.. oil to oil. So the oils on your face will dissolve and wash away and the oils in the cleanser will stay and penetrate. Yums!

Nani Oil and Gentle Citrus Scrub 
Thank you for my beautiful labels Lindsay Hanson! You are an amazing artist.

These oils will be available at the fruit stand at the Tam Valley Junction in Marin County, and of course through me.
Call or email if you have any questions! (808) 346-1794
Live Aloha!

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  1. Love the Nani Oil Brenna! It goes on so smoothly and doesn't look oily~ I get tons of compliments!