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Friday, August 5, 2011

Day Serum!

Whipped day serum
 I am just so in love with cold pressed oils. I really appreciate how they absorb quickly into my skin, and leave it nourished and supple. In this warm California weather, I felt a need to make a water- based serum. Something a little lighter that I could put on before I put on my SPF day moisturizer, but something including cold pressed oils. I whipped up this recipe in the height of summer. It is so refreshing to put on, that I found myself bringing it with me everywhere!  I just love the tropical hydrosols I picked up from Kauai, so I incorporated them too! In this particular day serum I chose a Kauai Coffee and Cinnamon hydrosol. Coffee and Cinnamon combined are a wonderful way to stimulate blood circulation, which assists in cell regeneration.

This serum is special because I added a propolis tincture from a good friend that is a bee-keeper on Kauai. The propolis is packed with nutrition and it also is antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, and antiviral so it is an extremely helpful aid in healing any wounds or blemishes. This Day Serum also contains cold pressed coconut oil, cold pressed kukui nut oil, cold pressed evening primrose oil and vitamin e.

This is an excellent addition to any skin care regimen for most skin types. It is light and refreshing, scented with pineapple and pikake. Close your eyes and let the scent take you away to a tropical place!

Aloha! B

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